Dr Sonia BurnardBorn in Gastard, Wiltshire, daughter of Dr. Elwyn James Anthony renowned child psychiatrist (Wikipedia entry) and psychoanalyst and Frances Anthony, nurse and teacher.

I received my PhD from the University of Birmingham, Edgbaston. Prior to that I had attained the following: City and Guilds Assessor A-1, MA: Educational Management, Open University, BA: Open University, Advanced Diploma: Education of Children with Learning Difficulties, Middlesex University, Certified braillist: RNIB, Certificate in Education, University of London, Washington University St Louis USA Liberal Arts Foundation.

I have considerable experience in initiating, supporting and developing ideas in research and particularly Action Research. Coupled with this is my experience in implementing research outcomes to evolve common practice. I have a background that focuses on development of ways to share good practice and of encouraging others to develop new areas of study, rise to challenge and explore problem solutions. My focus in teacher training is that of the area of behaviour and learning and this permeated the ITT curriculum in my college. The basic message is always for trainee teachers and teachers to look at, be critical of, amend, improve, enhance their own behaviour and language in the classroom and raise their own confidence and to understand the impact and influence of the skilled adult on managing the behaviour and learning. I supported, as supervisor, PhD students in Israel and Palestine and MA students internationally in the area of special needs especially children with social, emotional, academic difficulties.

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